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Cuvée Colline N°7 - Maturation in barrels - Rouge 2017

Cuvée Colline N°7

Maturation in barrels
Rouge - 2017

During the day, our minds wander in front of the cameo of colours: browns, yellows and greens intermingled in the beauty of the Gascon hills. This wine is dedicated to them.

  • Alteration

    French oak barrels

  • Color

    Brilliant robe, cherry red color, ruby hue.

  • Nose

    First nose is vanilla and slightly toasted. Nobility, dark and deep

  • Palate

    The mouth is rich, full, with beautiful chalky tannins. The aromatic potential reveals itself more in the mouth for the moment on the fruit and the spices. The finish is long and opulent.

  • Serving

    Serve at room temperature 18°C after opening the bottle 2 hours before. This wine will be appreciated as an after work drink or as an aperitif with friends. It will also be perfect with meat dishes and dark chocolate desserts.

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